From South Bend to Israel

From South Bend to Israel

Our tour group has completed Day One! It is a 24-hour period of vans, trams, planes and a tour bus. We drove from Christ Chapel to O’Hare Airport, while missing all traffic delays in and around Chicago! Our flight then entailed two legs. The first 8.5 hour leg was from Chicago to Frankfort, Germany. After a 2.5 hour layover, the final leg was 4.5 hours to Tel Aviv.


Flying in to Ben Gurion was a beautiful sight! We were treated to some beautiful sunshine shimmering off the west coast of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea. Our guide Eli Rockowitz met us at the airport with a warm smile and a helpful hand.


After arriving at our hotel everyone checked in to their rooms, we all enjoyed a delicious meal. Now it is time to get some rest and recharge for tomorrow!