It’s that time of year again, the Christmas Season!  I spoke on HOPE this past Sunday, the wonderful hope we have in Jesus. He is the hope of the world. 

The Christmas season is often very busy with shopping, decorating the tree, school performances, visiting family, the list goes on.  While these are all wonderful things to do, we can also let ourselves become stressed, fretful, worrisome, “Did I buy so and so the right present? Did we put enough decorations outside? Did I find the perfect Christmas tree? Did I mail enough Christmas Cards?” We can become so consumed with the preparation of Christmas that we miss the significance of the preparation season, Christmas can pass us by in a blur.

This year, let’s slow down; let’s focus our hearts on the HOPE of the world, the hope that came to this earth as a tiny baby in a stable, and the hope that is coming again as a triumphant king.  

Let’s dwell on that hope this Christmas and let’s give hope to others. Maybe a co-worker, a family member, a neighbor needs your help this Christmas, let them know, their situation is not hopeless.  Many people are hurting and you can bring them hope!

 Feeding The Nations right now is sending hope in the form of food to the people of the Philippines, and many other nations, the need is tremendous friends!  If you feel led to help, the donation link is at the bottom of this post. Thank You, and remember HE is HOPE.