The Lord wants you to know today, that you truly are sent.

In the past few posts, we’ve been discussing who missionaries are, who are the sent ones. We now know, without a doubt, it’s you. It’s me. It’s everyone who is born again. The Bible says, we are called to reconcile people to God. We are the sent ones.

With great responsibility, comes great power. The power to change the world with the good news. The time is getting short. Years ago, God said, the fields are white, ready to harvest. Go into the fields and bring that harvest in, because the time is short. Be busy, as sent ones, into this world.

I will personally send you to groups and individuals that need help. They are looking for help. They are trying, but looking in all the wrong places. Help them. Be a sent one to them. Don’t give your opinion, but give the gospel, the good news, to those who have not had good news in a very long time. Help them, lift them up, encourage them, because redemption draws nigh.


Remember the sacrifice. Remember the price paid. Remember, it cost somebody, something, and it just wasn’t something. It cost them everything. Everything. Their very life. But, He didn’t mind doing it, because He knew that God was going to raise Him from the dead. And He did. Thank God for the power of the resurrection, because He lives, we too can live. We have the hope of heaven, knowing all those that have gone on before us, are there with Him.

The Bible says, that we are surrounded be a big cloud of witnesses, that are looking over heaven, looking on the playing field, called Earth. They’re cheering us on, saying, “You’re close to the end, don’t quit!” God says, I see the line, don’t falter. Don’t take a misstep, because I’m coming real soon, for My church.

What good news that is.

When God looks at us, He doesn’t see us in our sin. He sees us saved, whole, and delivered. He’s looking through that sacrifice.

I challenge you today, be ambassadors. Be responsible. Represent heaven and the King. Hallelujah, we are sent ones.

Pastor Steve