The Generosity Found in 1,000 Miles

The Generosity Found in 1,000 Miles

The generosity of others will never cease to amaze me. Over my years as president of Feeding The Nations (FTN), I have witnessed some extraordinary generosity. And, Jeff Nicolett’s Ride to Mackinac Bridge is no exception.

This Saturday, September 27, Jeff will ride his motorcycle from South Bend, Ind., to the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan. He will cover 1,000 miles round trip for the tenth time in a decade. This all started as a way for him to fulfill a need he saw. He has had a strong desire to support the kind of outreaches and missions FTN does around the world. The only thing was, he wanted to take an approach that was uniquely his own.


“I felt a responsibility and ownership to take food and hope to those countries, but I didn’t have a way to bridge the gap between where I am in Indiana and where the food goes to other countries,” Jeff said. “I thought the best way to demonstrate that gap would be to do a symbolic ride to the biggest nearby bridge and ask for support.”

Jeff decided to combine his desire to help the hungry and his enjoyment of motorcycles by creating the Ride to Mackinac Bridge for Feeding The Nations. As I said, this guy travels 1,000 miles. It takes him 20 hours round trip. And, this year marks the tenth anniversary of the ride.

How awesome is that?!


Jeff does this not for affirmation or acclimation. He does it because of a deep desire to bring food to the hungry and hurting around the world. He doesn’t do it because it’s a fun way to spend a weekend. He does it because he believes the Bible when it says, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” (Matthew 25:40)

Over the last decade, Jeff has raised thousands of dollars for FTN by asking others to support his ride through donations to FTN. This year, all funds he raises as a result of the ride will go to helping complete the construction of the new warehouse on the FTN campus. When completed, this warehouse will make it possible to feed even more people domestically and internationally.

And, Jeff isn’t the only one who can do something extraordinary through this ride. You can celebrate his efforts by supporting his ride through a donation. To do so, simply click here and designate your donation for the “Ride to the Bridge.” For donations over $25, you can choose to receive a T-shirt to wear your support for Feeding The Nations. If you would like to receive a shirt, specify your shirt size in the message box when donating.

We pray for Jeff’s safe travels and alert eyes throughout those 20 hours. We pray for his strength and focus as he completes the ride. We pray blessings upon him for this effort he is undertaking in the name of the least of these. And, we pray for the least of these who will be fed and know the love of Christ because of one man’s ride to the bridge.