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Jesus the Missionary

Do you know who was the first missionary?


Jesus came from his home, to your home, to give you the good news. Take a second and just think of where He left. Heaven. Wow! An incredible place. All the songs that have been sung, and all the words that have been written, are still a long way from being shy of describing heaven. But Jesus left that marvelous place, to come to this place. Whoa. You think that was a step down? I’d say so. All to say that I have redeemed you. How do you redeem? You pay a price. Who’s going to pay the price? He is.

You may remember from my last post, the people of India wondering why an innocent man was killed. He had done nothing wrong. We did, but because of His death and resurrection, we have the good news.

Paul, throughout his letters in the New Testament, asks a lot of questions. He asked, why would we want to stay in bondage after the price has been payed for our freedom?

What a huge question.

Paul, throughout his letters in the New Testament, asks a lot of questions. He asks why would we want to stay in bondage after the price has been paid for our freedom?

What a huge question.

Why would we want to stay in bondage, willfullyarrogantly, sometimes ignorantly when Jesus has paid for us to be free?

John 8:36: Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.

Jesus, the first missionary, the first sent one, has brought good news to all of us. We, in turn, then need to take that good news to who?


What a mission. Just think, if your church had one person duplicating themselves one time. I’d assume you’d have a whole lot of church services. In a year’s time, if two persons were duplicated by every one, you may have a building project on your hands. If the Lord really moved in our hearts, we’d have three to four duplicated for every one. I know what you’re saying, don’t press your luck. But just think if we got the idea, the concept, the reality, that I am the product of someone sent to me, so that I could live free, forever. Not just down here on earth, but FOREVER.

That’s a very long time.

You see stories on television about someone who has been incarcerated wrongly for tens of years. They have spent that time behind bars for something they really did not do. But, because of modern science, and the things they’re able to discover, they prove this person is innocent. They really didn’t do it, they were telling the truth. They have spent a lifetime paying for something they did not do.

Jesus paid the ultimate for something He did not do. He gave His life, so that we could be free.

Let’s pray…

Father, we thank you for the precious word of God. Lord, our mission field is the whole world. Seven billion people that need Jesus desperately. Lord, we pray for them. I pray that we will understand it, so clearly, that all the way around us, wherever we live, whatever the street name, the town, the village, that there are lost people that need to have individuals sent to them to bring them the good news. Not religion, not a church, not a doctrine, but good news. Good news has come and you can be set free! That’s what they want to hear. Lord, I pray that inside of us, it’ll explode on the inside of us, the comprehension and understanding of, how can they hear, without a sent one? So, Lord I pray that we will understand that we are those that are sent, into our world, to tell other s that they can be free by the power and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Your name we pray, Amen.

 – Pastor Steve