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Perspective in the Simple Moments

Recently, Pastor Diane spent some time in the Ukraine with our ministry partner Svetlana of Heart to Heart Ministry. Feeding The Nations had provided $5000, so the ministry could purchase much-needed food and items for orphans, elderly and refugees within the country. She had the privilege of helping distribute these items.

And she’ll never forget the moments that touched her deeply, both joy-filled and heart-wrenching moments.

Perspective in the Simple Moments Perspective in the Simple Moments Perspective in the Simple Moments

She told me of the joy and delight she saw in the eyes of orphans who received much-needed food, and special gifts and toys. She sat with them and made crafts. She took them bowling and to tea. She gave clothes and coats to refugees. She sat beside elderly in Hospice care who have been forgotten by their family. She gave them blankets, food and the rare treat of bananas. She told me that some of these people had never tasted a banana before. Can you imagine?

Sometimes showing God’s love is as simple as extending a gift that seems so commonplace to us. Sometimes it’s covering an elderly person with a blanket or sitting with a child as she creates a necklace that she will wear with great pride.

God is in the big, miraculous moments. And, let us not forget that He’s also in the simple ones.